So probably Benedict will be in Venice the 5th of September for the Film Festival. I would love to go, but I'd be alone, can't afford an hotel room all by myself, the train tickets are already pretty pricey and I'm not even sure that I'd be able to meet him. Frak. Frak.Frak.  ;_;
oh no!

What the hell are you doing Photobucket?!

Photobucket is screwing up with my animated icons, the frames are all almost wrong!

1.          2.

1. Icon uploaded on Photobucket.
2. Proper icon.

I hope this is just a temporary problem, cause I have better things to do than re-upload icons. =/

EDIT: So.. this is not a temporary problem, I'm re-uploading all my animated icons.

B O R I N G.

EDIT: I HATE PHOTOBUCKET!!! I have problems with the jpg icons too.


Just find out I have won a Third Star poster signed by Benedict Cumberbatch ♥ and the others actors! So happy! I Waiting for the dvd release date is gonna be a bit less difficult... living in Italy sucks! Oh.. and for the first time in my life Facebook is actually useful.