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Verbal Judo' s Live Journal

No Black and White in the Blue


About Me...

Hello! My name is Laura, 28 years old, italian girl, my Bio in a nutshell: right know my life sucks, that's it. You'll never find in this page something like "I'm moody, I'm romantic, I'm stubburn" yada yada yada.. Because I really don't know myself, and I guess I never will..
I'm mainly here because of my love for A LOT of tv shows: House M.D., Sherlock, Doctor Who, Mad Men etc.. I seldom post on my LiveJournal, just when real life is a bitch and I need to talk with some friends. Recently I started playing with Gimp, I'm not good but it's fun.

I' m so sorry for my bad english. =(


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Shopping, shopping and maybe shopping. ;)

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